Authentic art in your space – access over ownership


  • Have effortless access to the global contemporary art scene and explore expertly curated art

  • Stream an authentic artwork from the Artoo platform right onto your artooCanvasTM for a tiny fraction of the artwork’s value

  • TrueHuesTM technology makes the streamed artwork look and feel like the original art piece

  • Change the artwork on your wall whenever you feel like it

  • Every time you stream an artwork you directly influence the artwork’s valuation and artist’s income

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Artoo is the 21 st century art market platform comprising a global contemporary art gallery and a global art market.

It delivers digitalised works of contemporary art into your space via the artooCanvas™ supported by patented TrueHues™ technology, ensuring the unmatched perceptual veracity of projected artwork.

ArtooCanvasTM is an auto-rotating digital display, which uses proprietary TrueHuesTM technology to project environmentally adaptive digitalised artwork content streamed from the Artoo platform. It delivers an artwork image of ultimate-veracity.

TrueHues™ is an Artificial Intelligence-based technology used to generate and to project environmentally adaptive digitalised artwork content with unmatched perceptual veracity.

TrueHues™ is constantly changing every artooCanvasTM pixel’s hue as the light in your room changes, to ensure the projected artwork appears the same as the physical artwork would in the same conditions.

TrueHues™ also prevents unauthorised reproduction of artworks, as the environmental adaptiveness of the digitalised artwork can only be achieved on artooCanvasTM.

Artoo’s team of expert curators selects works of art by renowned and upcoming contemporary artists from around the world.

Using TrueHuesTM technology, Artoo creates digitalised artwork content and publishes it through the artwork platform for customers to explore and project onto the artooCanvasTM hanging on their wall.

Every time a customer streams an artwork, the artist and the artwork’s owner collect their royalties.

There is no limit.

You can explore and stream artworks from Artoo gallery on a temporary basis for a rental fee that will be just a tiny fraction of the artwork’s market valuation.

You will be able to change the artwork on your wall whenever you wish, simply by choosing another artwork from the gallery.


Yes, you can buy a copy of the artwork for your collection. Again, the fee will be just a fraction of the artwork market valuation, and the artist and artwork’s owner will collect their royalties.

The artwork will become a part of your collection and you will be able to access it whenever you want for free, regardless of any future change in the artwork’s valuation.

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