The Artoo platform brings new opportunities
to artists, art market professionals and art investors


  • Commercialise your artwork by publishing a digitalised edition on the Artoo platform


  • Your artwork will be enjoyed by a global audience


  • Collect publishing royalties every time your artwork is streamed – the more people enjoy the artwork, the more income it generates


  • Continue to collect perpetual publishing and resale royalties after selling the artwork on the Artoo platform

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  • Leverage your expertise to trade and to commercialise artworks on the Artoo platform

  • Effortlessly access an efficient and liquid artwork market

  • Generate income through publishing royalties, sale proceeds and market maker incentives

  • Effectively influence a progressively growing  audience base through new promotional channels

We seek to build strategic partnerships with art galleries, and we offer additional opportunities for early engagement.
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Using proprietary TrueHues™ technology, Artoo creates, publishes and distributes an edition of digitalised artwork copies on the Artoo platform. Every time an artwork is streamed, the artist and artwork owner collect publishing royalties.

Unlike the traditional market, where one person buys and enjoys your artwork, on the Artoo platform many art lovers around the world can enjoy your artwork simultaneously, whilst you retain the publishing rights, including the right to collect royalties every time your artwork is enjoyed.

Also, using a proprietary patented methodology for dynamic artwork valuation, Artoo ensures your artwork is available to an ever-growing audience, further multiplying the revenue-generating capacity of your artwork over time.

Finally, similar to selling your artwork on the traditional art market, you will be able to sell the digital edition publishing rights for your artwork and capture the benefits of an increase in the artwork’s valuation.

Yes. Artoo manages an art market platform on which you can buy a digital edition from the artwork owner.

As the new artwork owner you own the publishing rights and can further commercialise the artwork through the Artoo platform.