The potent combination of patented product and business model innovations will put Artoo at the centre of a protected market several times larger than the current art market.


We are creating a global art platform that will finally democratise the art market, just like the printing press transformed the book publishing industry in the 15th century and the phonograph revolutionised the music industry in the late 19th century.

Artoo will introduce a new way to consume art, grow the audience, connect the art community in a more meaningful and efficient way, and through increased participation bring positive change to the world by broadening the cultural space.

We have defined a workable business model for publishing contemporary art in digital format – something that has eluded the art industry through decades of the technological revolution.



Not limited by the physical aspects of analogue artworks, Artoo’s business model alleviates the fragmentation of the traditional art market and transforms significant inefficiencies of that market into equitable benefits for all art market participants – artists, art market intermediaries and art consumers.

The more accessible and more affordable artworks will generate a growing number of art consumers while increasing profits for art suppliers. This positive feedback loop will nurture the environment for self-induced growth in both active and passive visual art participation.

This is why we will succeed in fulfilling our vision to bring a lasting positive cultural change to the world.

The next step in our journey is to raise capital to develop and to launch the Artoo platform.

Whilst raising seed funds from professional investors is a key part of our funding strategy, we also strongly feel that our intrinsic motivation to create social benefit should be reflected in Artoo ownership.

To create an opportunity for non-professional investors to join us on our journey, we will run an Equity Crowdfunding round in the immediate future.

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Equity Crowdfunding is the way for everyday investors (non-professional investors) to invest in early-stage businesses. Unlike platforms like Kickstarter (which gives rewards for crowdfunding), Equity Crowdfunding gives investors part-ownership (equity share) in a business. Where traditionally, the capital raising space was dominated by high net worth individuals, venture capitalists and angel investors, now everyone can invest in start-ups. This innovative type of funding has recently been enabled in Australia by the Crowd-sourced Funding Act 2017.

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